Magaja Ladu(Big)

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The main ingredients of this are wheat floursugargheecloves, nutmeg and elaichi.

Wheat flour is roasted in a hot fry pan in ghee till it turns golden brown and gives a sweet aroma. The flame is turned off. After the roasted powder becomes warm, whole sugar crystals along with elaichi and nutmeg powder are added and mixed thoroughly. After a while, very little water is sprinkled with a little pure ghee and balls are made. These stay for more than 20 days when kept in air tight container.

The sweet smell of roasted flour and the ghee gives a very divine experience. Small sugar crystals add to the taste. This sweet is one of the favorites of Lord Jagannath. 

The packet contains 20 pieces along with divine Nirmalya and idol of Lord Jagannath.

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